Outlier launch Merino wool t-shirt

More tailored performance wear from NYC + a cool video

by Tony Farrelly   March 24, 2009  


Outlier, the New York outfit that makes tailored cycling clothing from high performance materials has launched it's latest garment, a Merino wool t-shirt called the Empire Merino Tee after their friends from the forthcoming Empire film, a movie showcasing New York City's fastest and most skilled street riders. Check the trailer below

Made from ultra-fine New Zealand Merino wool Outlier's Tyler Clemens says it has all the usual performance benefits you'd expect from a Merino wool top: excellent wicking properties that help to shift moisture away from your skin quickly so keeping dry and warm in winter and cool in summer. Tyler says that ultra-fine nature of the yarn means that you hardly notice you've got it on (another reason for the name… clothes fit for an emporer etc, etc… I'll get my coat).

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.

From the pics it may look not that dissimilar to a baselayer, but says Tyler the yarn is actually heavier than that used for baselayers and so should prove much more durable for use as an outer layer.

As with the rest of their range Outlier are aiming this at people who are on and off their bikes a lot during the day but who don't have the time, or inclination, to keep changing from one set of clothes to another, and who want or need to look smart… or a least smart/casual. It will set you back $75.

Empire Merino t-shirt

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Nothing against riding fixed, if that's what floats your boat, and it's a nice enough vid, but I can't help thinking that the guys doing tricks would be better off on BMXs - the trick would look better for a start.

This just seems like BMX, but not as good, I'm an old roadie git but I could watch some of those guys in the zone riding flatland for hours. This lot seem to me, and no disprespect to the time an effort they've put into their riding, to be re-inventing the wheel

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posted by hammergonewest [105 posts]
24th March 2009 - 20:50


Well, you can't go backwards on a BMX. I realise that isn't a compelling argument

posted by Barney Fletcher [89 posts]
24th March 2009 - 20:57


On a bmx tip....check this out, a few bits of impressive stuff (with a varied soundtrack!):

BCBMX April07-August08 from Chicken BCBMX on Vimeo.

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posted by Oli Pendrey [105 posts]
24th March 2009 - 21:18


Barney Fletcher wrote:

Well, you can't go backwards on a BMX. I realise that isn't a compelling argument

Now that was cool riding AND some of them went backwards.

I particularly liked the bit where the bloke got his wooly hat caught on the circle of fire.

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posted by hammergonewest [105 posts]
24th March 2009 - 21:38


I can see I'm not the only one who's just a teensy-weensy bit fed up with the beautiful people on their fixed wheel bikes? How much longer will the fad (and it is a fad) last, I wonder? The good people at Charge et al must be pinching themselves.

Singlespeed. I can see the point. one gear, easy to maintain, long lasting, proven technology. The freewheel is about 106 years old, it's been around nearly as long as the pneumatic tyre and I can't see a good reason for leaving it out. Better bike control? Any bike that requires you to skid in order to stop is just teaching you how to ride badly, IMO. The only skills you really learn are the ones you need to ride fixed. I can see only two benefits:

1) it's easier to trackstand
2) erm, you can ride backwards (whoop-te-doo)

and this many drawbacks:

1) you can't ride as fast down hills
2) you can't get as low round corners
3) you can't stand up on the pedals to rest on a long ride
4) it's really hard to get a fart out (seriously)
5) you have to wear tweed pedal pushers and grow a comedy moustache (not seriously)
6) you wear your tyres out more quickly
7) you have to quit your job as an accountant and get a new one as a graphic designer

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posted by Barry Fry-up [186 posts]
24th March 2009 - 23:03

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lol Smile

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posted by jezzzer [339 posts]
25th March 2009 - 16:21


Okay, it is a fad but it is getting people on bikes and the addictive nature of cycling means that some of them will stick around once fashion moves on they may even get to discover the beauty of the freewheel…

Fixed is fun on the flat, going downhill on a 78in gear with a bus up your arse while trying to signal and turn isn't fun especially when you know that with the simple addition of a freewheel it's something you could do effortlessly… on the other hand a fixed wheel is good on ice, that's why I always liked my old winter trainer - mind you that was pretty standard road bike geometry.

While I can maybe see why people want to ride fixed on the road and can't see the point of riding something with geometry designed for the track… er, I'd quite like to be a graphic designer though Smile Smile

On a bike somewhere…

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posted by thebikeboy [138 posts]
25th March 2009 - 22:02


just to flip back to my original observation has anyone put stunt pegs on a road fixed? Seems a logical next step…

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posted by hammergonewest [105 posts]
25th March 2009 - 22:45


but it would at least mean the fixed owner was being honest about what their riding essentially is. maybe they should be mandatory.

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posted by Barry Fry-up [186 posts]
26th March 2009 - 6:55