Car parking issue may scupper £750,000 scheme

Time is running out for people in the Wye Valley area - and further afield - to show their support for a proposed new cycle path between the towns of Sedbury and Tintern reports the This is Gloucestershire website.

That’s the view of campaigners who say they need as many people as possible to contact Monmouthsire County Council urging them to approve the £750,000 scheme which would turn the former Wye Valley railway into a cycling and walking route.

The scheme’s supporters say a perceived lack of parking may deter the Council from approving the plan, while there has also been some opposition from local residents despite backing from people in the surroungding area.

The Wye Valley Communities for Safe Cycling organisation is co-ordinating the campaign for the cyclepath and a spokesperson for them said: "The ultimate irony is that Monmouthshire County Council is considering recommending refusal on grounds of lack of parking in the Tintern area when the council has recently completed redevelopment of the Lower Wireworks parking area close to the proposed path.

"The new parking area can easily accommodate the anticipated parking demand in the Tintern area and lies only 200m from the proposed path on an established cycle route."

Cyclist Amanda Charles, 42, from Drybrook, told the website: "I'm all for it and I think it's vital people show their support."

You can do so by emailing planning [at] monmouthshire.gov.uk quoting reference DC/2010/00783.


A V Lowe [619 posts] 6 years ago

Ridiculous blinkered thinking 1) route joins 2 places which people will travel between 2) parking generates use of cars , and equally generates use of bikes (see how Glasgow has seen bikes parked (ie journeys made) rising by 30+% per year to city destinations without building any major cycle routes) 3) there can be other ways to cover a longer distance without having to cycle it - bus & coach for a start - many Wye valley routes are operated by buses which are running about, subsidised by Council, often with less than half seats filled, and using type of buses (& coaches) which carry bikes elsewhere in UK - some express coaches in Scotland have 20% of seats filled by kids taking BMX to ride on tracks and not dependent on parental taxi service. Council should make cycle carriage a default condition for all subsidised bus services, the standard in Western Isles, where most buses carry bikes.