Tell us what this is and you could win a box of office schwag!

Well you came, and you guessed. And two of you guessed right, as it turned out. The mystery frame in question is indeed a Whyte cyclocross prototype, and Whyte pro rider Billy Whenman will be putting a leg over the built-up prototype at the Woodcote CX Sportive this weekend.

Whyte just sent us another pic of the bike, this one with stickers and wheels and such. The bike's still in proper prototype stage; there hasn't been any final decisions about geometry and tubing spec. But it will be disc-specific and it will have the tapered head tube and BB30 bottom bracket that the prototype is sporting.

So falls offlots was the first to come up with the right answer, and they'll receive a box containing some things. We don't know what things, exactly, we'll have a root through the big cupboard.


Here's something you won't have seen before, it's so new that they haven't even stuck any stickers on it yet. Take a closer look: there's a tapered head tube, a beefy hydroformed down tube, a rear disc mount and cable guides, a BB30 bottom bracket and rack bosses on the seat stays.

I can also tell you that it's designed in the UK, and that it'll be doing the rounds, fully built, at an event this weekend. But what is it? That's where you come in. Tell us what it is, and who made it. First correct answer gets a bunch of office schwag. Happy guessing!

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