Sustainable Streatham seek cyclists to power generator at film screening

For movie buffs in and around the capital there's a chance to  generate your own entertainment on October 10 on Streatham Common in South London.

That’s when environmental awareness group, Sustainable Streatham, will be hosting a cycle cinema which will run entirely on pedal power. The evening is the group’s contribution to the 10:10 campaign which describes itself as “a movement of people, schools, businesses and organisations cutting their carbon by 10% in a year.”

A generator powering the projector for the screening will itself be powered by a minimum of eight bikes and organisers are appealing for volunteers to show up and pedal for their own and other’s entertainment. Those who do so could find themselves sweating it out alongside the likes of Ken Livingstone and other luminaries who have been invited to take part.

Organiser Scott Ainslie said: “It’s a fun way to teach people about the importance of finding alternative forms of energy and reducing the amount of carbon we produce.”

The cinema is itself will be supplied by Magnificent Revolution, and will require pedal power for the film, French animated comedy Belleville Rendez-vous' 80 minute duration.

The seating capacity in the temporary tent-cinema is 100 and donations to cover costs will be welcomed by the organisers. For details of exact time and location visit the Sustainable Streatham website here.