Report calls for enforcement of cycling ban on London's South Bank

Lambeth Council invites comments on Draft Strategy document

by Simon_MacMichael   August 4, 2010  

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A draft cycling strategy commissioned by the London Borough of Lambeth has called for stricter enforcement of a ban on cyclists riding their bikes along a stretch of the South Bank running from the Oxo Tower to the London Eye.

The report, entitled ‘Draft South Bank and Waterloo Cycle Strategy 2010 – 2012’ and compiled by the South Bank Employers’ Group (SBEG), acknowledged that “The debate about cycling on the River Walk,” which includes landmarks such as County Hall, the London Eye, the Royal Festival Hall and National Film Theatre, “is polemical,” and identified a polarisation in attitudes between local residents and the capital’s cyclists.

“Opinions volunteered were fairly evenly divided between local residents and their representatives who wish to see cycling on the riverside prohibited and London-wide cyclists who wish to see it permitted,” the report’s authors said. “The River Walk is not a designated cycle route and private landowners in the study area recommend that a ban on cycling in this location be enforced,” they continued.

One of the chief recommendations of the report is that Southbank Centre and Coin Street Community Builders, the landowners of the stretch of riverfront in question, should “support enforcement of no cycling rule on the River Walk between Oxo Tower Wharf and London Eye.”

The authors, representing businesses and organisations including the British Film Institute, Guy's & St Thomas’ Hospital Foundation Trust, ITV and Shell, add that “should no enforcement support be agreed with police,” landowners should instead give their support to Lambeth Council for implementation of a signage plan to encourage cyclists away from the River Walk onto the nearby designated cycle route along Belvedere Road and Upper Ground.

The stretch of path in question is popular with cyclists, providing a quick, traffic free route along the South Bank together with an attractive riverscape backdrop, and includes a section under Waterloo Bridge where London Critical Mass meets on the last Friday of each month. However, it can also become thronged with pedestrians, particularly at evenings and weekends.

Other recommendations of the 100-page report, which can be downloaded here, include improvements to local designated cycle routes, consultation on the introduction of a 20mph zone, improvements to cycle parking and initiatives to reduce cycle theft in the area.

Lambeth Council is now inviting comments on the report, which can be emailed to, with a deadline of 10 September 2010.

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Kinda runs counter to the current use of the skatepark bit of Southbank doesn't it? Or are they trying to get kiddies off their BMXs? Maybe this is a secretly underhand scheme by the skateboarders who are getting miffed at BMXers stealing their thunder?!?

Anyway, good luck with that Cycling Lambeth.

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posted by alotronic [389 posts]
4th August 2010 - 11:40

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Kinf of funny how all this lot are all worked up about "enforce cycle ban" but the authorities do nothing to enforce cycle lanes, allowing anybody to park on them! Hypocrites! Angry

"Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints".

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posted by LondonCalling [146 posts]
5th August 2010 - 12:14