Cat crossing path not so lucky for ex-Astana man

German rider Matthias Kessler is in a serious condition in hospital with severe brain trauma following a crash said to be caused by a cat.

Kessler, an Astana rider before his suspension for blood doping in 2007, was training in Mallorca when a cat ran into his path. He was taken to the San Dureta Hospital in Palma.

The 30-year-old's ban ended last summer but at the time of the accident he had not found a new team. Kessler underwent surgery on Friday but as yet, no results about the extent of his injuries have been released.



csauer [1 post] 7 years ago

You neglect to mention that he crashed headfirst into a wall and wasn't wearing a helmet, http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/lack-of-helmet-led-to-kesslers-skull-fra...

purplecup [217 posts] 7 years ago

"lack of helmet led to kessler's skull fracture"?

riding head first into a wall led to kessler's skull fracture. here's hoping he makes a quick and full recovery. here's also hoping his freak accident isn't used as 'proof' that i should be made to wear a lid when i ride to the shops.