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Ruzer Pro Tubeless Glueless Bike Tyre repair kit

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Ruzer Tubeless Glueless Bike Tyre repair kit

The Ruzer Pro is one of those must-carry items when you're running tubeless. It effectively seals punctures up to roughly 5mm in diameter, is easy to use, and because it's so small and light, you won't worry about taking it everywhere. The canister is a neat way of housing the kit, but you do pay a small premium for it, though.

There are loads of tubeless repairs kits out there, and essentially they all do the same thing – plug holes with little strips you stuff through the tyre. What's different about this kit?

The most obvious thing is its size. It's only 7cm long, and weighs a scant 30g. It's basically the size of a CO2 canister, so easily fits in your pocket, saddle bag or wherever, and you barely notice it's there.

If you're running tubeless it's probably the most essential thing you can carry with you at all times, and it's so effective that you can pretty much say goodbye to those 'just in case' inner tubes.

It's nicely designed, too. Everything is neatly contained within the CNC-machined aluminium case.

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The Ruzer Pro works pretty much perfectly. There's no blade to cut the remaining strip, though I've not seen any kits that include one, to be fair.

There's also no reamer to roughen up the hole and help the strip stay in place, something the Muc-Off Puncture Plug Repair Kit does have. I'm not certain it's entirely necessary though – apart from one failure, which I'm pretty sure was down to me not inserting it far enough, I had no issues with the strips staying in place.

If you're running tubeless, the Ruzer Pro is an essential companion on all your rides, and it's great that it works with both on and off-road tyres. It's light, compact and works brilliantly. It's not the cheapest option, but it's elegant enough to justify its still modest price tag.