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Galibier Sentinel Foul Weather Jersey

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Galibier Sentinel Foul Weather Jersey

The Galibier Sentinel blurs the lines on what defines a jacket and jersey thanks to its mixture of weatherproofing, lightweight race styling and short sleeves. It's not a new concept, but one that Galibier has executed very well indeed, and at a relatively bargain price.


Technically, the Sentinel is a jersey according to Galibier, and it's designed to work with just a baselayer, within an outdoor temperature range of 7-16°C.

I've worn it on days when the temperature has got up to 13°C and been comfortable, only getting a bit over-warm when pushing on the hills.

At the other end I was fine down to about 5°C with just a summer baselayer underneath and a pair of arm warmers before I could start to feel a bit of a chill.

The Sentinel is for riding in foul weather, or at least when the chances are that those conditions might turn up at some point in your journey. It's a triple-layer jersey, with a laminate membrane sandwiched between the inner and outer layers.

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For added protection from the rain it uses a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, but rather than it being applied at the end of manufacturing, the fabric is treated before production starts, which makes it longer lasting according to Galibier.

The Sentinel isn't claimed to be fully waterproof. The material itself works very well against the rain, keeping the worst of a downpour out for 45 minutes to an hour or so, but because of the stretchy nature of the jersey Galibier hasn't been able to tape the seams, so you do get a bit of seepage.

At least you stay warm though. The windproofing is impressive. The final couple of weeks saw a mostly northerly wind blowing through and temperatures hovering just above freezing throughout the day. The Sentinel blocked it all, with no cold air getting through to my chest or upper arms.

The Sentinel is a very good jersey. It works really well in a whole range of weather conditions and temperatures, which should see you get plenty of use out of it during the three cooler seasons. The fact that it can perform so well, combined with the excellent build quality, just makes the price look even more exceptional