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Trotify: turn your bike into a horse (or make it sound like one anyway)

No, it's not April. These are just coconut cloppers for your bike, alright?...

Ever wished your bike was a horse? Easier up the hills. No? Ever wished your bike sounded like a horse? Of course you have.

Trotify, a slightly bizarre start-up, wants to peddle the world their Monty Python-esque coconut cloppers, or as they describe it, "a wooden device that sits on your front wheel and makes your bike clop like a horse."

It really is that simple. It has no aero properties (in fact it looks positively cumbersome should you encounter a headwind) and it means you'll have a coconut bouncing about on your front wheel.

Odd as it sounds though, 62 people have already pledged to stump up cold hard cash for it, but they do need to sell another 938 before it properly goes into production.

The coconut doesn't actually come in the pack, so you'll need a machete and a bit of space at home to sort that part out. But it does come flat packed and ready to assemble, a bit like those wooden aeroplane models you got as a kid, so there's a bit of nostalgia thrown in for free.

So how would it be out on the roads? Ride through a central London street protest, and you might find your way clears in a trice as people think there's a policehorse on the charge.

Or you might just wind up all the two-wheeled haters out there some more.

A lot of horses tend to get jumpy when bikes come up behind them, so we'd be curious to know how they react to this. Somehow a bit of clopping seems unlikely to be the solution.

If Trotify gets off the ground and shifts 1000 units, they'll ship in March 2013 (so no use for a stocking filler this Xmas) and will cost £25 plus p+p.

The video, below, doesn't actually feature the sound of the hooves in action, but there is a girl in jodhpurs, if that's your kind of thing.



Oh, ok, we do have a video featuring the unique sound of the Trotify. No jodhpurs though. Enjoy.


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