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Action Medical Research Ride 100 Series needs volunteer.

Do your bit for charity even if you don't want to actually ride, by helping out with everything else...

Not only do charity events need bums on saddles for fundraising and participation, there's almost always a warm welcome for anyone just wanting to help out. Action Medical Research are currently looking for helpful non-riding volunteers for their Ride 100 Series.

The Ride 100 Series includes 22 100 mile and 100km cycling events taking place all over the UK, starting this weekend with the Trossachs Ton (Sunday 19th June) and carrying on through into next year. The aim of the series is to help raise money to fund research into conditions affecting babies and children, including premature birth, epilepsy, meningitis and cerebral palsy amongst others. 

Volunteers are needed to help out with all aspects of the events, such as route signage, car parking, registration, manning feed stations and marshalling. 

Mark Trott, Cycling Development Manager at Action Medical Research, says "we pride ourselves on running some of the very best challenge bike rides in the UK. Giving our riders a trouble-free and enjoyable day in the saddle is paramount, and it takes a dedicated crew of staff and volunteers to make this happen."

"Wether you're a keen cyclist yourself or just enjoy the sport, then volunteering for us is a great way to meet like-minded people and be involved in an activity you enjoy. At the same time you will help us give our riders a great day in the saddle and raise money to fund medical research  to help sick babies, children with disabilities and those suffering from a rare disease."

Volunteers will be fully briefed, supported and advised of all aspects of their duties. 

If you can spare some time for any of the Race 100 Series events, get in touch with Action Medical Research's Nicky Clarke at nclarke [at]

If you want to ride the Trossachs Ton you've only got until tonight at 9PM to register! 

See for more information. 



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Believing fervently that cycling will save the world, she wishes that more people would just ride a bike and be pleasant to each other. 

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