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Steve Abraham’s latest attempt on Year record begins this weekend

Third time lucky?

Steve Abraham has announced that he is to make a third attempt on the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance cycled in a year, and will begin his bid shortly after midnight on Saturday March 4.

Abraham’s first attempt at the record was derailed by a broken ankle sustained when a moped rider crashed into the back of him in Somerset in April 2015 – although he did attempt to continue by pedalling a recumbent with one leg.

He set out on a fresh attempt four months later but abandoned in January 2016 after acknowledging that he was falling further and further behind schedule.

In a post on Facebook, Abraham said his latest attempt would begin from the 24 hour McDonalds in Milton Keynes (“sorry, it’s the only place open”).

As for what distance he has in mind, American Kurt Searvogel is the current record-holder, having broken Tommy Godwin’s 1939 record last year. He rode 76,076 miles – but that mark is likely to be passed by Amanda Coker and Abraham is planning accordingly.

“I began training in May 2016 and at that time my fitness was much lower than it normally would be at that time of year. Within a few months I was getting close to my PB for a 12 hour TT. I also rode a reasonable 24 hour in July as my fitness continued to improve.

“Training resumed soon after the 24 hour and by September I was ready to take the UMCA monthly mileage record as my final decider as to whether I would have another go at the year record again.

“I set my target for the month at 230 miles a day, which was what Amanda Coker was doing on her year record ride, as it's looking very much like it will be her record I am now after. I ended up with an average of 236.8 miles a day for the 30 days.

“After a rest from the month record I resumed training and have been setting about preparing for another attempt at the year. I have been slow getting things ready. I admit that it was partly deliberate to allow more training time before I set off.

“Now, thanks to Emily [Cox, Abraham’s coach], I think I am in at least as good shape as I was when I set off for the month record in September, possibly better. So I guess now it's time to find out...”

Abraham also has at least one new piece of kit to help him cope with the relentless nature of his challenge.

“I also tried using magnesium oil and bathing with magnesium flakes from "Better You" during my month record. They certainly seemed to help speed up my recovery in a very time efficient manner.”

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ianrobo | 6 years ago

He is mad !! did 405km yesterday and guessing looks like going out big as the weather improves ?

In this country I just to think the others who do it in warm flat weather is nigh on impossible, good luck !! 

PaulBox | 6 years ago

Best of luck to Steve, loved watching his progress on Strava last time around, fingers crossed that he can go all the way this time!

BikeJon | 6 years ago

Judging by that library pic, Steve is racing a 12 or 24hr TT I'd guess. Yet he has mudguards and rack attached to this bike. Here is someone who just doesn't like making things easier for himself! What a guy and good luck. I'll be keenly following his latest attempt.

arckuk | 6 years ago

Despite (and kudos to) the massive achievements of Kurt Searvogel and Amanda Coker, this is the way I'd like to see the year record being ridden, and hopefully broken. All the best, Steve!

Ramz | 6 years ago

Amanda Coker is spending all her time riding round and round on a traffic-free road in a flat park. It seems a bit unfair to put her effort, Kasja's, Tommy's, or Kurt's in the same category. Surely?

tritecommentbot | 6 years ago

GL Steve if you read this! Will be following! laugh

Leviathan replied to tritecommentbot | 6 years ago
unconstituted wrote:

GL Steve if you read this! Will be following! laugh

Oh yeah, your gonna draft him all the way then out sprint him. *Tut*, typical.

mike the bike | 6 years ago


I'm rooting for this man, he deserves a year of good luck.

jasecd | 6 years ago

I hope Steve manages it - if anyone deserves to break the record it is him.

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