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Video: Angry ram charges and butts cyclist

This week’s animal vs cyclist encounter involves a tiny, but very cross, ram

No, not that RAAM, the other kind. This tiny, enraged creature, which is about the height of its victim's knees, was caught on camera charging at and repeatedly butting a man on a bicycle.

The attack takes place beside what looks like a car park by a picnic area. The man can be seen standing over the bike when the animal rams the front wheel, before backing up and charging at the man’s leg and the rear wheel. His companions don't seem too worried, judging by the sound of hysterical laughter in the background.

The man gets off the bike and attempts to use it as a shield, while the animal repeats the charge. Eventually the diminutive ram gets a longer run-up and knocks the bike over, before chasing the man around a car at speed.

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Rams can be extremely aggressive, and larger breeds can charge at up to 40mph. They are particularly aggressive in breeding season, and can view humans as either a threat to their ewes or a rival.

Advice is usually to avoid rams entirely, including fields where a ram might be. If you do happen to come face-to-face with an angry ram, don’t turn your back on it, ever.

This WikiHow page says it's possible to tell the difference between a peaceful ram and an aggressive one. “If the ram gives you a mean look or a mean ‘Baaaaa’, then he is going to charge you,” it says.

We’re not sure what a mean "baaa" might sound like, but maybe it’s one of those things you just know when you hear it.

The page also gives instructions on how to tackle a ram onto its back (no, we’re not joking).

Another option is waiting until the last moment of its charge, when it cannot change direction, before stepping out of the way.

It’s probably best just to steer clear of angry rams.

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