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Who needs Black Friday? This is the old kit #mycyclingweekend

With all the talk about new bike bits and the best cycling deals, we want to hear about treasured gear that's lasted you the longest...

HOLY HANDLEBARS! Black Friday's just around the corner! *sigh* While the world's retailers are gearing up for a massive surge in commercial activity over the next week, Cycle Surgery and the rest of us at are preparing to take a weekend away from the action.

Rather than dreaming of brand new kit we're looking forward to a #mycyclingweekend of reveling in the company of some of our most loyal riding companions: the kit that has lasted and lasted... and lasted.

Whether you've got a bike that's been through the wars with you, a tatty old jersey that you can't bring yourself to part with, or even just a bit of memorabilia that means the world to you, we want to hear about it!

We'll start with an example from our team to get your nostalgic juices flowing.

Dave Atkinson, one of's founding fathers, used to have a pair of Shimano mountain bike shoes. They worked. They were comfortable. They last 16 years.

That's right, 16 years.

Dave felt that those 16 years of service deserved an obituary of sorts. So he wrote the feature you can read below:

- Read more: Shimano MO30s - Good and faithful servants

Do any of you have stories as deep as Dave's love affair with his Shimanos? Most of us here at don't, but that doesn't mean our relationships with our favourite bits of kit are any less meaningful.

Now's your time to give the gear that's served you best the tribute it deserves.

Fire your photos our way with the #mycyclingweekend and #CycleSurgery hashtags attached.

There's a prize in it for you!

Of course, we also want to see all the other awesome things you guys are up to this #mycyclingweekend, so don't hesitate to send those in either.

Here are a few of our favourites from the last week:












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rokapotamus | 7 years ago

I've a pair of Ron Hill Trackster running pants that I've been using on the bike since 1991. I still wear them. They are ok, just a wee bit bobbly around the knees.

Fifth Gear | 7 years ago

I have a Cateye Vectra wired computer first used in August 1990 and still going strong.

chief-o | 7 years ago
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I won the September "my cycling weekend# competition but I still don't have my prize and Elliot is ignoring me now... I guess by the time I get my prize it will be old kit for sure.

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