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Send us your wicked wintry cycling photos this #mycyclingweekend

Wherever you end up this #mycyclingweekend, send us a photo of the conditions - if they're anything like today, your photos should be glorious!...

The wintry winds are here. It's bloody freezing, right? So, what do we do? We put on an extra layer (or two) and head out for the best kind of ride: the fresh-faced crisp winter ride. We want to see your photos, and so do Cycle Surgery. There are goodies in it for you!

The photo you see at the top of this piece is a great shot from Ju OZ on Twitter. It was taken last #mycyclingweekend and features a stunningly autumnal Beajolais vineyard. We assume the shot was captured somewhere in the north of France; maybe in the Burgundy region. Correct us if we're wrong, Ju. 


If you manage head out this weekend, keep your eyes out for particularly good photo opportunities. There's a prize in it for you!

Cycle Surgery is firing Genuine Innovations Hammerhead Co2 inflators out at #mycyclingweekend winners again, so get your photos in if you want to win a bit of kit that'll help you out of a puncture-related bind in no time. Perfect on cold days when your fingers are numb, right?

You'll have to remember to include BOTH the #mycyclingweekend hashtag and the #CycleSurgery hashtag if you want to win this week though!

We reviewed the prize a little while ago. It got a tip-top 8/10.

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For those foyou feelin glow on the inspiration front, here are some more great #mycyclingweekend shots for you to feast your eyes on:












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