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Bikes could be banned from a part of Amsterdam

The move is being considered following a spike in pedestrian-cycle collisions during a car ban

Bikes could be banned from a popular Amsterdam shopping area following a spike in cyclist-pedestrian collisions during a car free trial.

The bike ban from the popular Negen Straatjes (the nine little streets) area is just one option under consideration after the removal of cars from the busy shopping district in Amsterdam over the summer resulted in more collisions between people on foot and those on bikes.

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Locals were reportedly happy with the reduction in traffic, and the quieter streets during the trial, but after cars were removed pedestrians tended to spread out from the pavement onto the road, leading to more collisions with cycles.

Local paper, the Parool, said: “Walkers zigzagged across the roads as if they were in a village. Cyclists drove straight ahead, staring into the distance and swearing at tourists as they went.”

Some would argue the trial demonstrates why ‘shared space’ with pedestrians and cyclists doesn’t work in built up areas.

Options now being considered include banning bikes and cars, allowing cars as before, or making clearer divisions between cycle and pedestrian space.


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