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Sydney driver could face jail for ploughing into a group of seven cyclists

Thomas Kerr claims not to have seen the riders when he drove into the back of them, causing a range of injuries including spinal fractures

A Sydney driver who ploughed into seven cyclists causing a range of injuries, including spinal fractures, faces a possible jail sentence this week.

Thomas Kerr, 28, who claims not to have seen the riders when he ploughed into the back of them last March apologised in court and said he will be haunted forever by the collision. He was not drinking or speeding at the time and there was no suggestion he deliberately hit the group. He says he has no memory of the crash.

All seven riders were taken to the hospital, with injuries ranging from abrasions to spinal fractures, and one faces years of rehabilitation after losing function in her right hand.

Judge Knox likened the crash to a ten-pin bowling ball going through a set of skittles, reports 9 News, and he questioned how Kerr didn't see the riders.

"These are two columns of cyclists. They are brightly coloured," he said.

It has been suggested the collision was caused by momentary inattention, rather than a deliberate act.

Three of the victims were at the Sydney Downing Centre District Court when Kerr read out a statement on Thursday asking for forgiveness, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

"This has had a profound effect on your lives and my heart goes out to each and every one of you," he said.

"I'm also searching for answers as to how exactly this happened."

His lawyer, Murugan Thangaraj, SC, said: "The only logical explanation for [the accident] must be momentary inattention or misjudgment."

Although Kerr's father, Barry, testified that his son "wasn't a hoon", that he had taught him to drive, his driving record did not help his case.

Between 2008-2010 Kerr was caught speeding twice, as well as driving while disqualified and driving using a mobile phone. He also had a drink driving conviction.

Kerr pleaded guilty to four counts of dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm and three of causing bodily harm by misconduct.

He will be sentenced on Friday morning.

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