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on street parking creates hazards for drivers and cyclists

not sure on the future of this, but am i the only one who thinks this way?
Ok, we all know many households now have more than one car, and there are varying reasons why. The problem is a lot of houses, flats especially, don't come with parking spaces or at least not enough for all the cars on the roads. So we end up with cars and vehicles parked either half up on the pavement of a road, either on just one side, or on both. Perfectly legal, but when does it become an obstruction?
you've probably had abuse from motorists following you when cycling outside the door zone, caused by the fact there are cars parked on a road.
You've probably driven a car too, and found yourself given way to, or forced to give way, to vehicles coming the other way, due to the fact the parked cars on the road have narrowed it, making it impossible for two cars to pass unless somebody yields.
Near to me there is a new development of flats, and the owners have taken to parking on the road, narrowing the left side lane to barely a foot. It means if you drive down it, as they are on a bend, you have no way of seeing if you're going to be driving head on at oncoming cars, due to the position of the a pillar and the way the cars are parked.
My question is, is it not an obstruction of the highway to allow cars to be left parked in this manner. And is it not dangerous, considering many motorists are pig ignorant of dooring and expect people to cycle right beside parked cars so they can squeeze through? Should we not be saying, no, you cannot park on the road, you must park in a driveway or lesser used side road, no space for car, no ownership of car granted. If i lived in a flat and had no parking for two vehicles, i would just not own one. That's actually what i do now. I have a house with a tiny front porch and step, so my motorbikes and pedal bikes all go just in front of it, not on the road further out. I have a gate too. But do you think we should be letting more and more cars be parked on the road, narrowing the space and causing an issue to everyone, or is there a point where we say, no, no more road parking, can't own car if have nowhere storage, must buy motorbike or bicycle instead?

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