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Playing in the road 1947 - a film for our times

Well, you can just fuck the fuck right off, The Petroleum Films Bureau. 
I'm not normally given to that sort of language, but this little gem shows just how long the oil industry and others have been conning us, in the name of promoting our safety.
It's been a day of close pass work by police forces on my Twitter - but the replies, often to the police, the replies.  Come on drivists, are you really held up that much by cyclists? 
The film gets to its "roads are for traffic, not for playing in" crunch about 9 minutes in - we're meant to accept that the alternative to not finding somewhere "proper" to play games is being hit by a car.
The Green Cross Man of my day may have had good intentions behind it, but you have to wonder whether the attitudes we see today so widespread reinforced and entrenched aren't helped by this sort of example. 
In the film, There's lots of innocent scenes of the gang of kids playing in the street - until a car appears. A slight difference is that having run over their model plane, the driver actually stops. 

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