Just a suggestion for you, how about operating a proper DS competition in next years game? In my mind it would look a bit like the purist game, you could pick, for arguments sake, 20 riders at the beginning of the year and they score points for you through the year.
I make this suggestion as I have, on a few occasions this year, been unable to keep up with the racing in the premium calendar & completely missed races! Last year I just played the standard game with purist teams and I think that I will probably do the same next year. I would, however, be prepared to play the premium game again if it offered a feature such as this.


drheaton [3323 posts] 6 years ago

That's something that a few of us attempted to do on the forums and in blogs on the site but in the end it was quite a lot of work.

If it was built into the game then I would definitely play it but over the last couple of years I've come to realise that the road.cc fantasy game can't cater for everyone and there are games elsewhere that cover this kind of thing.

One I found at the start of the year is on http://www.podiumcafe.com/

The game is at http://podiumcafevds.com/ and involves you picking a squad at the start of the year and them scoring in races all year long. It's closed to new entrants fairly early, there are no transfers and no teams to pick, you just select a squad and that's it. There's a forum, community and other types of games (draft picks etc) if you want to get more involved but if you're just looking for something to complement the standard game on road.cc then that might be what you're after.