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Breathing - mouth vs nose

Settle an argument for me, would you, dear forum?

My fiancée would have me believe that all manner of ills would be rectified (no more tight hamstrings, world peace and so on) if I could ride my bike inhaling exclusively through my nose. That it's just a matter of acclimatising the old lungs and so on.

Had never really thought about it, to be honest. If I am spinning along fairly gently, I would breathe through my nose, but at any kind of pace (or hill) I would certainly be mouth-breathing ... it doesn't seem like I can physically get sufficient volume of air in otherwise, and I quickly run out of O2.

Her argument is that my lungs need to get used to using the oxygen more efficiently and that I should be able to do nose-in/mouth-out, mine is that my nose is just too damn small to get enough air in, period, and that I don't believe anyone could scale any kind of decent hill like that.

(I do accept, by the way, that generally speaking nose-breathing is better, the little hairs, blah blah)

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