I'm new to this turbo lark, what's the best mix of training when turbo-ing?

I've been doing a mix of endurance and strength/power work, nothing planned, just what takes my fancy at the time.
I'm just getting over a virus, been off the bike for a month so I'm thinking more enduro work to build my base fitness back up?

What about strength training? How much and how often??

AARRGGHH!!!!! Too much to take in, my heed's ganna explode!!!!


dave atkinson [6390 posts] 7 years ago

loads of good links and info here, and i can recommend their vids too:


if you're coming off the back of a virus i wouldn't push yourself too hard. the turbo is great for steady training to build your base, i'd concentrate on that and then build in some harder sessions.

LardLover [72 posts] 7 years ago

I'm not doing too much turbo work, I'm aware that it's bad to do too much whilst recovering from viral infections. Just was unsure as to whether I should be doing base endurance stuff only or mix it up and do some strength stuff.

I've been looking at the sufferfest stuff, I think I'll take the plunge and go for one, which one would you recommend? I was looking at Angels.
Can you save them to somewhere other than your harddrive (sorry, I'm a computer nonce  14 )