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Mixing Shimano components

I've had my Shimano ST-RS505 shifters for a few years and they've recently given up on me. I've got a question about which Shimano components play nicely together.
What I had was ST-RS505 > SM-BH59 > BR-RS785 but the shifters died. I've got a replacement set (ST-R7020 > SM-BH90 > BR-R7070) but have a few problems. I tried simply switching over the old shifter with the new (including a new olive, barb and larger flanged nut) but it doesn't seem to hold pressure. I also found that I can't use the calipers as they're flat mount and I have posts.
So, to my question - is there any combination of my components which will work?
If not then are there any recommendations you could make to get me going again?

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