Hi guys! I understand that this is not the main topic of the forum, but still hope that someone can help me. I have to write an essay about bicycles. But I still haven't chosen a topic. Perhaps someone will tell me what to look for? I would be grateful if someone advise interesting topic.



hawkinspeter [4061 posts] 3 months ago
  • How about the development of different bicycle designs e.g. penny farthing, safety bicycle through to modern designs.
  • The impact of bicycles on individuals freedom and mobility - there's lots of details about the importance of bikes to the Suffragette movement.
  • Comparison of efficiency of modes of transport and an investigation into why more cities aren't designed around bicycles and pedestrians rather than cars.
  • The effect of materials on the recycling of bicycle frames e.g. compare steel, aluminium, carbon fibre.
  • The difference between sentencing of road collisions involving at fault cyclists versus at fault motorists.
  • Beryl Burton

It'd be useful if you could give us some idea about what level of education you're talking about - school or college and what age you are if it's an essay for school. Also, is there another area/subject that you're (more) interested in - it'd be quite easy to tie in almost any other subject and bicycles.

Owiai [1 post] 3 months ago

I study at school. To be honest, the bike I did not like is that the theme that was given to me by my teacher. So I'm trying to find a simple but interesting topic.

hirsute [1110 posts] 3 months ago

Have you watched that recent informative channel 5 documentary?

Otherwise the posts in these forums by boatsie provide a wealth of material on bikes.

hawkinspeter [4061 posts] 3 months ago
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A nice controversial topic would be the role of helmets in road safety.

The effects of the "Wheels Up, Knives Down" movement on inner city violence.

Alternative uses of bicycles e.g. tree-house lift; electricity generation; musical instruments.

E-bikes vs E-scooters.

Media bias in reporting bicycle collisions vs other road traffic incidents.

PRSboy [561 posts] 3 months ago

How about the massive difference a bicycle can make to the life of a child growing up in Africa.  Have a read of the Qhubeka charity's website to get started.