Am using Lezyne Super Gps for 2years now and encountered no issues until I paired it with a pedal power meter. Found out that torque efficiency and pedalling smoothness data displayedon the Super GPS unit during ride are way off. But upon uploading to GPS root (lezyne web site) said metrics recorded look okay. In short, what is displayed is not consistent to what is recorded. Raised it to Lezyne and was advised to update my unit. They have made two updates already since I raised this issue but sadly, the error remains
So disgusting


hirsute [1211 posts] 5 months ago

So disgusting you raised 3 threads on it.
I'm not clear what is wrong. You say the metrics on the website is ok - did that agree with the live data? Were they recording precisely the same data or was one recording on a different time interval basis ?

MannyT [1 post] 5 months ago

To be specific, during ride torque efficiency displayed on the unit is 20 to 30 watts, pedal smoothness ranges 40 to 50 watts. After the ride and uploading the ride data to my account on GPS Root, torque ranges 80 to 90 watts and smoothness between 20 to 25 watts.
In short what you see on the head unit is way off to what is recorded.