I'm wanting to start road cycling, I've done some mtb in my past but as my brother and father cycle a lot I want to go along!

Been doing a lot of research and have found a merida scultura 500 with ultegra shifters and derailleurs for a good price.

However, I can't find any reviews of that specific bike, are merida any good? Any issues to be aware of? I know they're a large manufacturer but just seeing if any experiences with the 500 please?



peted76 [1585 posts] 9 months ago

My proper road bike was a Merida..  great bike, nowt wrong with it for the money. The fact they are such a large manufacturer, means you get a decent spec for less money that some of the more in trend brands.  

I presume you mean you've found one second hand or ex demo? What's your budget?

kil0ran [1695 posts] 9 months ago

I've had a couple of Meridas (a hybrid & a Cyclocross 500) and rode a Scultura on my dealer's demo day a couple of years back.  Loved it. They're always well-specced and score highly. They're like Giant or Trek without the marketing budget - I'd highly recommend them for a mass-market bike. My LBS sells more Merida road bikes than the Treks they also stock (Emonda & Domane)

Only reason I sold the CX (which overall is the best bike I've owned) was because they started working with the fascists in Bahrain.