Hi everyone,

I've recently started a YouTube channel all about that rather niche cycling activity "the audax ride".

Having only become a convert at the beginning of the year I decided only recently to get myself a GoPro and have started recording my journeys. I have also set myself the ambition of competing in Paris-Brest-Paris in August 2019 so I wanted to motivate myself in another way by documenting every/most rides along the way between now and then.

If you've thought about long distance cycling and what it entails you can find out by seeing what I get up to - although ultimately you need to get out there yourself and experience it first-hand to appreciate it fully - hopefully I will inspire a few of CyclingUK member's to give it a go for themselves by creating informative video content!

So it's early days on my channel and I am not born to be in front of the camera so expect loads of crap footage along the way too. Any comments on the channel or here on CyclingUK are of course very welcome. I hope you like what you see.  [:lol:]