Sleepless night, and so whilst i contemplate Battaglin or Haas...or maybe neither....

A couple of questions for road cc as this is my first year playing...and just out of curiosity and observation.

We get three leagues courtesy of the game...Regional, Overall and Purist...so why no league for the standard game?...ie the ones that we make transfers for?


The game for the one day classic races is great...loads of transfers due to the fact that the line ups change a lot and that's fab...but why not lump the other one day races is as well at the back end of the year (plus Cadel Evans) and make it one big "one day" game?..in effect just extend the spring game to include them all...it woud become a year long game from Cadel Evans right through to Lombardia.

That would also then make it easy to have four leagues courtesy of roadd cc for Purist, regional, standard and overall (the one day game being incorporated into standard).

Any thoughts? 



tony kappler [208 posts] 1 year ago

The overall league is the sum of all the standard games. The regional league is a subset of this.

in other leagues (public and private), generally the standard and purist leagues are added together (although this is determined by the league's administrator).