Hey, as I a newbie on this forum forgive me if I ask a stupid question.

I'm looking for an app to use with an trainer with manual lever.
Tacx cycling app works fine with the Blue Motion trainer but it does not show at what position you should put the lever to simulate the slope.

Personally I think that should be an easy thing to program. Just add a setting stating if you're using a manual lever system or automatic.

Zwift doesn't this either I think.



number9dream [51 posts] 7 months ago

Before i got a smart trainer and zwift i used the sufferfest. That uses "perceived effort" which is basically how hard you find it - so you change the manual switch on the trainer up or down depending on what the video states the perceived effort should be. Worth a try?

Johnnyvee [151 posts] 7 months ago
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GCN videos work on perceived effort too I think. Set it mid position on the trainer and use your gears as you're riding to make it easier or harder perhaps?
That's what I used to do before I got a smart trainer.

Drinfinity [94 posts] 7 months ago

GoldenCheetah has calibration curves for pretty much every setting on any turbo you could name. I use it with my Garmin speed/cadence sensor to estimate power on a simple Tacx trainer.