For anyone who cycles around Richmond Park, Consultation has just opened on proposed changes to the cycle lane down Priory Lane towards Richmond Park:


Proposal is to remove the cycle lane on the footpath, northbound cyclists would have a ‘painted on’ cycle path in the road, southbound cyclists have no provision and have to mingle with the traffic. 

It’s a shame that the proposal is reducing cycle provision on such a popular route, this is the stretch of road where Jason Wells famously has an altercation with a cyclist so removing the cycle lane doesn’t feel like progress. 


thereverent [462 posts] 7 months ago

Priory lane needs changing, but this is a backward step. Removing the (not great) on path cycle lane will mean less confident cyclists will be put off with the current levels of traffic.

The big problem is the rat runnning between Roehampton lane and Upper Richmond road (the South Circular) (this avoids the fiddly right turn onto Roehampton lane if going south).

What would be better if Priory lane was blocked to cars just north of the junction with Clarence lane. You could still get round the area but it would be a longer routre via Bank lane and Roehampton gate (which would put off the rat runners). Without the rat running the traffic levels would drop and the road would be far more pleasant for everyone.

arckuk [86 posts] 7 months ago

I go along Priory lane twice a day (once in each direction) at commuting times, and it's not great for cyclists, pedestrians or vehicles. I hardly ever use the cycle lane, as it's a poor surface, prone to lots of sticks and leaves from the overhanging trees, and has pedestrians wandering into it, as there's not much space for them either. There are there's lots of side roads crossing over it, with cars crossing over through gaps in queueing traffic, which leaves them unsighted to and of the cycle lane users.

I always cycle in the road, which is a much better surface, but is wide enough for two cars to come in opposite directions, but not to do so when one is overtaking a cyclist. Most vehicles are reasonably patient, but some (see the previously mentioned footage) try to make stupid passes, in order to get to the queue for the lights just that little bit quicker.

Overall, I think that the cycle lane could be moved into the road, if the pavement were slightly narrower. Clear 'do not overtake cyclists when there is oncoming traffic' signage would also be good. Whatever you do for cars, there will alwasy be delays going onto the Upper Richmond Road, and I don't think that encouraging more cars into the park via Roehampton Gate is a priority.