Just watching BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2017 before it drops of the iplayer. I had a look at some past winners on Wikipedia and discovered that Lance Armstrong was stripped of his International SPOTY award. Okay, understandable. However Oscar Pistorius, well know murderer and occasional  athlete still has his Helen Rollason Award for promoting disability sports. Literally what the heck BBC?! I suppose the only excuse is this sort of thing is the only why to get to Lance whilst there are other forms of punishment for the blade runner. But hey maybe no one wants to go around his house to take it back.


davel [2499 posts] 8 months ago

Sports. That seems to be the scope of it.

Lance admitted to naughty stuff that made him quicker on a bike.

Whatever you think of Blade Runner, shooting his girlfriend through a door is unlikely to have made him a faster runner.