Good morning,

So I am getting wed in April and looking to the vast selection of beers and cycling around April for a stag trip. Has anyone any advice or been last year? I dont think i would partake in sportive but would like to watch the hell of the north.


Advice appreciated, cheaper and less time consuming the better for me.




bobbypuk [60 posts] 8 months ago

Paris Roubaix is a great event but its not easy to watch, its a point-to-point race over a long distance. If you've got some nous and a car you can maybe catch a two sectors of cobbles but its not easy moving about on race day. Better to do it the local way - identify a sector, get there early and take a lot of beer.

You could consider Flanders, the course covers a smaller area making it easier to see the riders a few times. And the hills mean they're going slow enough to actually recognise them.

A trip to ether would be great fun though, especially if you take a bike for the day before.