thinking of buying a carbon frame, a repainted Ridley. Don't think it was a frameset ever used by Ridley but it's the same as the verenti revelation and Merlin cordite.

Anyone had any experience with these bikes? Ride quality etc?

Any advice appreciated.


tigersnapper [19 posts] 12 months ago

I've got a Verenti Insight which I think is the model prior to the Revelation.  It is a rebadged Ridley frame with a Forza finishing kit.  The frame is pretty stiff and a bit harsh on rougher surfaces but generally a good ride.  I replaced the wheels but other than that was have been really happy with the decision to get it as my first bike - certainly drew me into a great sport.  When I bought it, it was an Ultegra speced bike for the same price as others were selling 105 stuff so good value and.  I replaced it as a main bike after 2 years and now use it as a winter/turbo bike.

BABristol [2 posts] 12 months ago

Thanks but think it's a different frameset. The insight and revelation aren't the same. Was wondering how harsh a ride the revelation was. Looks a quality frameset though.