I normally set my power and heart rate zones in Garmin Connect, sync the device and hey presto they are on your device. But during a long bike ride, my Garmin 820 reported a new FTP which I accepted. But when I then synced the device, the FTP settings did not update on Garmin Connect so is it only one way? Do I need to manually update my settings in Garmin Connect?


martin_in_surrey [5 posts] 10 months ago

I had a similar issue with Personal Records.  After scouring the Garmin forums I discovered that changing the Activity Type in Garmin Connect (either via the web interface or using the mobile app) automatically removes any personal records associated with that activity.  In my case I had chnaged the Activity Type from Road Cycling to Cycling on the mobile app.  After some trial and error I discovered that any change to the Activity Type will remove any personal records associated with that activity.  Whether that is by design, or a software bug, is anyone's guess!

Not sure whether this will also apply to your situation, but the fix was to export the Activity from GC (to a FIT file), delete the Activity then import the FIT file.