My browser just keeps jumping to some crappy video on the side of the page constantly interrputing what i'm doing/ reading. It's done it 3 or 4 times whilst I've been typing this.


PhillBrown [224 posts] 11 months ago

There is a new "Report an advert" link on the bottom of the page - I've used it for the advert you mention…

My page is doing the same thing as I type so I apologies for any spelling mistakes... Unfortunately, Road.cc have very limited control over what goes into the little advert boxes an it looks like SpringServe who are currently providing adverts to the site have a rogue tool that is designed to keep the advert visible on screen - Although it is supposed to float the advert out of the box rather than scroll the advert window to the top of the page, constantly - Could be an issue with the platform the site is running, rather than the advert as it works fine on other sites.

Eventually, the ad will just crash your page and make it unresponsive needing a refresh ready to load a new ad!

I’m sure the boys and girls in <strike>Faulty-advert</strike> Road.cc towers will be doing all they can with SpringServe to rectify…

Ad Hynkel [176 posts] 11 months ago

Very annoying (Chrome on Android, jumps to bottom of page, and keeps repeating...), will leave using site for a day or two...