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Very scary incident near Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire, 26th June - and a plea for help

I need a witness if anyone was cycling around Bolton Abbey on the morning of 26th June.


So at about 10AM I was riding into Bolton Abbey from the road coming from Skipton when a small red car came the other way. The drive stopped in the middle of the single track road and started f-ing away at me. Naturally, rather than stopping I continued. Two minutes later the same driver came chasing after me, swerving and nearly running me off the road. He stopped to get out, so I accelerated away. He then followed me, sitting behind me revving his engine and shouting out the window. I tried to get away,  doing U turns, signalling right then turning left at junctions and so on, but he still continued, swerving at me and trying to run me off the road. Eventually, after I did two U-turns in quick succession, he saw me coming the opposite way, crossed into my lane (head on), making me do an emergency manouver to stop going over his bonnet. I stopped, got my phone out and started to dial 999, but he started getting out the car, so I got back on my bike and legged it as fast as I could. When I next stopped, I realised that I didn't have any details, such as the car registration, but I had noticed he was a guy aged about 50 in a smallish red car.

Did anyone see any of this? There were loads of cyclists about. If so, can you PM me, so I can get enough details to call the police.


I am scared shitless after this incident - never seen anything like this in decades of cycling. It makes me very close to giving up.

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