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Ribble Bikebuilder diaries part 1: building the perfect all round road bike

Ribble gave us free rein with its online Bikebuilder app... what did we come up with?

It's not every day someone asks you if you fancy speccing up a bike that they'll build and send over to you. But that's what Ribble suggested we try, to showcase their Bikebuilder app on the Ribble website. Mat was the lucky man first time up, and he opted to build a solid all-purpose road machine for his long commute, and rides with friends. Watch the video to see how he got on!

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About the Ribble Bikebuilder

Ribble bikebuilder - frame

Ribble's bikebuilder app allows you to spec up your perfect build, and your bike will be hand-assembled in Lancashire and shipped to you just how you want it. There are currently 26 road bike frames available.

Ribble bikebuilder - components

Once you've picked your frame and size you can delve in and customise any aspect of the bike you want. You'll get live price updates when you change components so you can work to your budget. You can even pick a custom paint job on some frames.

Ribble bikebuilder - groupset

Once you've got it just how you want it, Ribble will build it to your spec and ship it off to you easy!

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