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15 perfect Christmas presents for cyclists from Cube and Ere Research

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life, check out these suggestions that cover all budgets

When it comes to Christmas gifts, there really is no end of equipment and bike-themed trinkets that will keep a cyclist smiling, and here are 15 ideas to suit all budgets.

With the help of the people at Oneway Bike – the UK distributors for both Cube’s huge range of bikes, clothing and accessories, and also Ere Research’s catalogue of cutting-edge upgrade parts – we’ve put together a selection of fab gift suggestions that any cyclist will be delighted to unwrap. Whether it’s seasonal staples like cyclist-friendly hats and scarves, or more specific items such as tyres and wheels, we’re certain you’ll find something here that’s perfect for that special pedaller in your life.

To help navigate and keep to budget, we’ve separated this selection into four simple sections, starting off with low-priced gifts costing £35 or less. Then we look at quality bits of kit and clothing, then some exciting ‘big pressies’, before finishing off with one mega gift. Have a look and be inspired.

Low-priced gifts

Ere Research water bottle £10


For something so simple, it’s funny how easy it is to notice the difference between a good water bottle and a bad one. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry that you’ve got it wrong when you hand over Ere Research’s ideal hydration option. This 700ml bottle is dishwasher safe, 100% free of nasty BPA plastic chemicals, uses taste-neutral materials for pure flavour, and the large opening features a leak-tight seal. 

It also comes in four funky options – smoke, green, blue and pink – so your trickiest decision will be deciding which colour to pick.

Buy here for £10

Cube Functional Scarf £24.95

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.38.21

We didn’t want to focus on ‘functional’ presents – Christmas is a time for luxury and frivolity after all – but don’t be put off by the name: this multi-purpose snood-type scarf is classy and cosy, as well as ‘functional’. Whether it's worn to keep the chill off the neck or as a helpful extra head covering in winter; or as a breathable and sweat-wicking UV-protective layer in summer, this is a gift that’s not just for Christmas.

So classy but competent, and good for winter and summer? Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it this Chrimbo?

Find out more here

Acid Saddle Bag Click L £29.95

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.38.50

Sticking with gifts that are just a little more special than standard products, the Acid Saddle Bag Click L is loaded with more exciting talents than you might expect. It is easily attachable thanks to its included Cube saddle adapter or Acid X Natural Fit saddle adapter SILink. In addition to its roomy main compartment, there’s also a handy net pocket. Its waterproof zip will protect valuables. And there’s an external rear light mount to help keep you safe and seen. 

Its slender good looks – and choice of olive or black colourways – make it an attractive option. 

Find out more here

Cube Beanie Bobble Origin £34.95

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.39.11

Time for a little seasonal warmth. Proving just how varied Cube’s range is, we don’t think you’ll find anything quite as charming as this cute beanie bobble hat in other bike brands' line-ups. Complete with orange pompom and embroidered Cube logo, this is the perfect headwear for winter recreation. Thanks to its soft knitted construction – using polyester that has been recycled – it’ll add cosiness while letting moisture out.

Find out more here

Ere Research Explorator bar tape £35


How about helping the cyclist in your life make their bike perfect, one step at a time? The best place to start has to be at the front, and Ere Research’s Explorator bar tape is the ideal way to bring a little luxury to this vital contact point. It is made of easy-to-clean sticky rubber with EVA foam and gel used as backing for comfort and anti-vibration. The tape itself is 35mm wide, helping to create a smoother surface finish.

To finish in style, it also features a surface logo pattern for maximum grip and comes supplied with Ere Dolce torque plug end caps for a firm ‘stay-in-place’ finish. 

Buy here for £35


Cube Gloves Long Finger X NF £49.95

Cube gloves

Cube’s full-finger X NF gloves come fully loaded with details such as gel foam padding to reduce pressure on sensitive nerves; special grip print on the palm for an optimum hold; and enhanced comfort with adjustable cuff, breathable outer and seamless fingertip design. You can even ensure your beloved rider has no excuse not to call to say how late they’ll arrive thanks to the touchscreen-friendly function of the index finger. 

Available in grey and blue, black and red and black, these are the ultimate finishing touch to any winter outfit. 

Find out more here

Cube Edge Round Neck Long Sleeve Jersey £49.95

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.39.46

The Edge jersey is made with off-road riders in mind – it was designed, after all, in collaboration with Cube’s Action Team riders – but we reckon its loose-fitting nature makes it a great choice for commuters and leisure riders too. Its lightweight fabric and drop tail are perfect for time in the saddle, and the reinforced hem and handy drying hook make it easy to live with. 

It looks great, too, and while it’s not winter-specific, this is one Christmas present that points towards enjoying sunnier times in style.

Find out more here

Cube Blackline Trikot CMPT Short Sleeve Jersey £59.95

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.40.11

If the rider in your world simply must have road cycling kit, here’s a jersey that embraces everything about drop-bar life. Practically speaking, the tight-fitting design with its full-length zip and three rear pockets will fulfil all the function that they need, but it’s the coffee-inspired print that will mark them out as a true aficionado of roadie culture.

Unlike a cup of your local barista’s finest, thanks to the durable technical fabric and short sleeve design, they won’t end up hot and steaming.

Find out more here

Cube Organic WS Hoodie £89.95

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.45.41

We mentioned earlier that the Cube Beanie Bobble Hat was made from recycled material – well, this WS hoodie takes Cube’s eco-friendly credentials a step further by being made from organic cotton. That’s an important detail, but it’s not the only reason that this is a fantastic garment – it’s super soft and comfortable, and just what you need to relax and warm up in after a day on the bike.

The classy print on the back and subtle Cube logo on the front mean the rider you love really can be pretty in pink this Christmas.

Find out more here

Cube Shoes ATX OX PRO £129.95 

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.40.52

Shoes can be a tough gift purchase at the best of times, but we think Cube’s ATX OX PRO shoes have just about the most widespread appeal of any cycling shoe. Whether your resident rider cycles for leisure, to commute, or to tackle off-road adventures, the ATX OX PROs come with knitted uppers for excellent heat regulation; super secure disc closure; and Cube’s excellent Natural Fit performance moulding and insoles.

They even come with a cleat cover and anti-slip rubber soles, so they’re equally at home on clipless or flat pedals.

Find out more here

Big pressies

Acid Pump Race Dual £39.95

screenshot-2021-11-15-144115 (1)

The Acid Pump Race Dual mini pump is made from CNC-machined aluminium and features a two-stage pump system, allowing the user to switch between high volume or high pressure – up to 120psi – output. This little beauty has an accurate pressure gauge that says when to stop inflating, and compatibility with both Schrader and Presta valves means this is a pump for all duties. 

Wrap up one of these this Christmas and you're not just giving a pump – you’re providing the ability to head out on the bike without worry.

Find out more here

Acid Floor Pump Race Floor £39.95


The Acid Pump Race Dual is a fully-specced floor pump that offers Presta and Schrader compatibility, inflation up to 160psi – more than enough for most applications – and an easy-to-read top-mounted 2in pressure gauge.

The only problem is, its super sturdy base and steel barrel construction means you’ll have to think of alternative gift ideas for many Christmases to come.

Find out more here

Ere Research Tenaci Gravel Tyres £49


Who would think tyres could be so much fun? By gifting Ere Research’s Tenaci Tyres you are opening up a whole new world of gravel and off-road excitement. The open tread pattern offers maximum traction with excellent mud-shedding abilities, while the bead-to-bead Armis 2 protection helps to fend off punctures. There are plenty of options to guarantee you present the right tyres, too: 34mm, 38mm or 44mm widths and a choice of black or – as seen here – tan sidewalls.

Buy here for £49

Cube Backpack Edge Trail £139.95


The Cube Backpack Edge Trail comes chock-a-block with features. As well as being available in four colours, there’s hydration-system compatibility; a Natural Fit back system; a front flap tool compartment; a helmet carrier, a back protector; an easy-access side pocket for phone, hip pockets; a rain cover; and an integrated emergency plan. 

In fact, the only thing that might have more elements to it this Christmas is the kids’ Lego set. 

Find out more here 

Mega gift

Ere Research Tenaci GR20 Gravel Wheels £399


We promised you one mega gift for one very special cyclist in your life, so here it is: Ere Research’s Tenaci Gravel wheels. These hoops have been made to last. The Ere straight-pull alloy hubs are fitted with bearings that have been sealed to keep dirt and grit out, while bladed aero spokes have been used to reduce drag and weight. Tenaci says: ‘Our alloy GR20 TLR rims are straight-forward strong, stiff and lightweight.’ And to fully personalise the owning experience, they are also available in six colours, with either Shimano or SRAM XDR compatibility.

To help your resident rider to enjoy big adventures in 2022, you can’t do better. And don’t just take our word for it… actually, do take our word for it: here’s a full review of the Tenaci GR20 wheels

Buy here for £399

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