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Deal Tri Saturday Club Ride

Event info
Sun 25/12/2011, 09:00

Formed in 1996 following the merger of Deal Striders Running Club (est. 1983) and Deal Tri squad (est. 1986) we have a membership of over 400 spread across the complete age and gender range. Members are drawn mainly from the local areas of Dover, Deal, Canterbury, Folkestone and Thanet, although we do have members throughout Kent and the neighbouring counties.

Weekly training rides are held at 9:00 on Saturdays meeting at Marke Wood Park Entrance in Granville Road, Walmer, Deal, Kent CT14 7LU. Usually three groups from 14 mph, 16mph, 18mph. Rides between 25 and 60 miles. Helmets are compulsory and usually have a coffee stop at end. Road bikes only please.

Please see the Deal Tri website for more information and full contact details

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