New Forest 100 Sportive, 100, 59, 30 Miles, Sat 14th Sept

New Forest 100 Sportive, 100, 59, 30 Miles, Sat 14th Sept
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Sat 14/09/2019, 07:30

One of the highlight of this ride are the first blushes of autumn colour present in the national park's foilage - transforming the forest into a southern English wonderland. As a result of this mollifying scenery, combined with a relatively low 4,461ft of climbing, the Epic 100-mile route - for those who choose it - could potentially be one of the easiest century rides you'll do.

New Forest Cycling
You'll start your ride by crossing the River Avon and soon head into the pretty New Forest village of Ringwood. Threading through country lanes on the outskirts of the Park, you'll soon head into the Forest itself and through the small villages of Linwood and Fritham You'll almost certainly come across free-roaming New Forest ponies, and maybe cattle or donkeys - slow down and give them a wide berth when they are on or beside the road.

Once at the village of Wick, Epic riders will head off for a long loop along the sheltered back lanes east of Salisbury, taking in attractive scenery in such areas as Farley, West Winterslow and West Dean. Once the extra miles have been added it's time to rejoin the main route and you'll skip back to the other side of the River Avon and head through Cranborne, Verwood and Three Legged Cross on the way back to the finish line. The short and punchy climbs will suit the budding puncheurs on the sportive circuit. 

As a result, this has also sold out long before the day on each of the years it has run, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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