UK couple riding round world killed in Thailand just weeks after their film accepted for festival (+ video)

Peter Root and Mary Thompson set out on their journey 18 months ago

by Simon_MacMichael   February 18, 2013  

Mary Thompson and Peter Root (source Vimeo)

A couple from the UK whose video of part of their round-the-world cycle ride was recently chosen to feature in the annual Filmed By Bike festival have been killed by a pick-up truck in Thailand.

Peter Root and Mary Thompson, both aged 34, died last Wednesday in the province of Chachoengsao Province, immediately to the east of the capital, Bangkok.

The pair met 14 years ago while studying at art college in Falmouth, Cornwall, reports Metro. Peter was born on Jersey but grew up on Guernsey, while Mary was from Bristol, and the pair had exhibited their art throughout the UK.

Thailand was the 23rd country the couple had visited since leaving the UK 18 months ago, having ridden through Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South East Asia.

A spokesman for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office said: “We are aware of the deaths of two British nationals in Thailand on Wednesday. We are providing consular assistance.”

At the end of January, the couple revealed on Twitter that their film Cycling Central Asia had been selected to be part of the 11th annual Filmed By Bike festival in Portland, Oregon. The video is one of several that the pair had made to record their journey and which they posted to Vimeo.

Cycling Central Asia from on Vimeo.


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I'm in Thailand at the moment and while the people are lovely I don't think I'd be too happy riding anywhere urban. Such a shame.

posted by mrchrispy [292 posts]
18th February 2013 - 13:08


How very Sad. What a lovely Film. I need to get out more!
Mind you, holding on to a Lorry wouldn't be my idea of fun.
Two amazing Lives cut very short.

posted by Abbie [40 posts]
18th February 2013 - 16:21


I have been following their journey, some wild and wacky routes, but it seemed like good fun.

Even holding onto a massive truck to be pulled up hill. We've all done something like that, but when I was young, it was roller blades and the local buses Devil

Two great exploring cyclists lives cut short. Really sad Sad

Gkam84's picture

posted by Gkam84 [8855 posts]
18th February 2013 - 16:41


there is never any distant right or wrong that is in any way meaningful when something like this happens - they look happy and fun - I feel sad that this happened but at the same time I am admiring that they were there doing what I can barely begin to dream about.... if I was to go I would always wish it would be doing something that was at least fun before hand...

posted by silkred [16 posts]
18th February 2013 - 17:32


Very sad to hear but at least they died young, fit and doing something they loved - not to mention having seen some truly exotic places and amazing sights. Many of us will not be so lucky enough to be so bold.

posted by chokofingrz [285 posts]
18th February 2013 - 18:49


How tragic. They seem like such fantastic people and so happy with what they did. God speed.

-Turning Cranks since 1962

posted by kevinscruggs [8 posts]
18th February 2013 - 20:30


My wife has been friends with Pete since her schooldays. My brother has been friends and work collegues with both Pete and Mary for many years, we are all desparately sad that this has happened to 2 wonderful and talented people. They will be greatly missed.

posted by UncleFred [8 posts]
18th February 2013 - 22:49


I have been following their blog since not long after they left and although I'd never met them, I feel like I've lost a couple of people I knew.

They were also both talented and accomplished artists:


zanf's picture

posted by zanf [520 posts]
19th February 2013 - 2:40


Seems the driver will get 10 years for this. He was reaching for hat on floor of cab. In the uk he would probably get a 60 pound fine. If drivers in uk faced a 10 year jail sentence perhaps roads would be a little safer

posted by madguern [25 posts]
19th February 2013 - 20:21