There's dedication, and then there's this: watch as two 'committed' riders battle through 100mph winds in Miami.....

It's certainly not your typical Sunday spin, as two cyclists are captured live on CNN news riding through 100mph winds in Miami. 

Six reasons to use Strava

As the reporter's attention turns to the pair at 30 secs into the video, footage emerges a few seconds later of two men riding past, looking remarkably upright considering the force of the gusts facing them: “This is incredibly stupid", the reporter remarks. "These two guys going out in the rain and in these storms. First of all I don’t know how they’re staying up on two wheels… they may be joyseekers but that is absolutely unsafe.”

Overwhelmed emergency services were unable to respond to calls at the time according to the reporter, heightening the danger the cyclists had put themselves in. The hurricane is continuing to wreak havoc through the east coast of the United States and parts of the Caribbean, with the death toll reported as five in the US and ten in Cuba. 

Presuming this hardy pair chose a route with plenty of tailwind, they can probably be sure of a few Strava KOM's between them if they don't get blown away...




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