Driver takes to his bike to chase after runaway tram

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In what sounds like a scene from a Buster Keaton film, a runaway tram in Prague was pursued through the Czech capital’s streets by its driver on a bicycle as he tried to stop it before it reached the city centre.

The tram, which had no passengers on board, started its driverless journey at a depot in the Motol district where – presumably in grainy black and white footage with a dramatic piano accompaniment – it burst through the gates and rolled along the tracks, chased by its driver on his bike.

Eventually – cue black card showing a light bulb and the word “Idea!” – some bright spark at the depot thought of switching the electricity off, but not before the tram had travelled a mile along a busy road towards the city centre and the driver had suffered light injuries trying to get into the cab.

A spokesman for the Rail Safety Inspectorate told Associated Press that the incident was most likely due to human error.