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Gore brings to its products 'wash and care awareness' in new sustainability drive

Benefitting both consumers and the environment, the brand has issued a reminder that better care will increase the lifetime of product performance

Gore, creators of the waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric, is passing on the baton to customers to play their role in ensuring the prolonged life of Gore-Tex-infused cycling, running and XC ski products by encouraging suitable wash and care practices. This forms a part of Gore’s long-term commitment to “protecting people and the planet” with its new sustainability objectives.

2021 gore wash 2

Gore says its aim is to “raise awareness of good wash and care practices to ensure that outdoors clothing and footwear are long lasting and perform better for longer”.

By following the specific care instructions for each garment, as detailed on the inside tag of the product and that can also be found online here, the life of the product is said to be extended.

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The outerwear clothing specialists says its research showed that “the better gear is cared for, the longer its performance will last”, and therefore the less it will impact the planet.

Regular care of Gore-Tex products will also ensure the “guaranteed to keep you dry” promise is maintained, which is of benefit to both customers and the environment.

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This is just one aspect of Gore’s larger sustainability objectives, which also notably includes an “absolute and science-based goal to reduce carbon emissions by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050”.

Gore has also introduced recycled and solution dyed textiles that reduce water usage and CO2 emissions, and the brand is reportedly well on the way to “eliminating PFCs of Environmental Concern from all consumer laminates” by 2023.

In other important areas, Gore’s social compliance programme was accredited back in 2017 by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), which ensures workers’ rights and working conditions are upheld across supply chains.

For more information about wash and care practices of Gore products, you can head over to Details of Gore’s further sustainability objectives can be found at

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