The Quick link SM-CN900 for Shimano 11 speed chains is available now

After years of resistance, Japanese component behemoth Shimano have finally started shipping out their own dedicated quick links for 11 speed chains, snappily named the Quick link SM-CN900.

The quick links will be sold with chains as standard as well as separate, and are compatible with all 11 speed road, MTB and STEPS E-Bike drive trains.  

Shimano previously always sold their 11 speed chains with a pin instead of a link, and this will come as welcome news for those who might need to make a quick repair on a long jaunt. Officially, Shimano are saying the SM-CN900 isn't reuseable. 

Shimano's quick-links are available to buy now and are sold in packs of two, priced at £11.99; and while it may be long overdue and potentially exciting news, you can actually pick up six pairs of KMC links on Amazon at £8.99 a pop and they do exactly the same job - maybe Shimano will review pricing to be more competitive in the future...  

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