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Orro X Repente saddle

The Orro X Repente saddle is fairly lightweight and has the unusual design element that the upper section can be removed from the base with ease and even swapped out for an alternative cover. The flex built into the base, grippy microfibre upper and clever design can be admired by all.

Now, we know that saddles are a highly personal choice and what works for our tester might not work for you, but is you like a curved saddle with a central cutout then you're probably going to get on with this model.

The unique feature with the Orro x Repente saddle is that the top part of the saddle can be switched out for another Repente design. That means that if you don't like the split design, a more traditional upper can be subbed in. It could also be useful if you break one part of the saddle in a crash as only that part would need replacing.

This particular cover is quite flat along its length but tapers down at the sides, similar to the shape of the Rapha Pro Team saddle. It offers more padding than Repente's more expensive Aleena 4.0 saddle and our tester found it comfortable even on six-hour rides and the turbo trainer. It is still firm enough that you don't sink into it, which can cause all manner of problems and pressure where you don't want it on long rides.

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The polyurethane foam padding is covered in a water-resistant microfibre, which not only feels high quality but is also plenty grippy enough, even when paired with shiny shorts.

Overall, the Orro X Repente is comfortable and well made, and although it's not cheap, the clever design could increase its lifespan.