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Hunt 54 Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc Wheelset

Hunt's 54 Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc Wheelset employs the aerodynamic thinking behind some of its top-end wheels. The result is a hugely fast yet reasonably light pair of wheels with some amazing windcheating effects. They're also solidly built and well priced.

Material-wise, the 54s are a mixture of T700 and T800 grades of uni-directional carbon fibre, with a stronger ratio of the T800 fibres to achieve what Hunt says is a greater strength-to-weight ratio. The spoke areas and rim bed are reinforced with a 3K weave.

With modern materials and build techniques Hunt has managed to bring this set of 54mm deep-section hoops down to a claimed 1,524g (1,620g on the scales with tubeless rim tape fitted), which would be impressive for even a set of wheels at half the depth.

Hunt 54 Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc Wheelset-6

With that in mind, they don't hamper you on the climbs, and you get that aero boost on the descent so they can sit happily on your road bike with all of the advantages and none of the trade-offs.

The level of stiffness is impressive too. Using this much material without accumulating weight often sees stiffness being the first thing to vacate the party, but that hasn't happened here. Hard efforts out of the saddle didn't seem to promote any lateral flex at all.

Hunt 54 Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc Wheelset-3

They have a 29mm external width which Hunt says has been optimised for 25-28mm tyres, yet will happily work with much bigger, up to 50mm.

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Overall, they offer real world performance gains while being light enough to be used as an all-rounder, even on the climbs.