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Prime Primavera Shorty Carbon Saddle

The Prime Primavera Shorty Carbon Saddle is comfortable straight out of the box thanks to its flowing shape and perfectly judged padding. For a full carbon saddle, it's well priced too.

The shape of the Primavera is spot on: raised at the back slightly to give you a platform to push against when climbing hard, with a subtle arch in the middle for supportive comfort when tapping out the miles, which stops you sliding forward or backwards.

The short nose allows you to get down low in the drops and really crank the pedals over without interference.

The padding is thick enough that it takes out high-resolution buzz without muting all feeling from the road. There is just enough give in it that it'll soak up the bigger bumps of a broken road surface, so it is comfortable for longer rides without being so soft that it gives over the top flex, which can cause numbness. 

Prime Primavera Shorty saddle-4

Beneath the padding is a 3K carbon fibre shell which brings its own bit of flex to the ride. The rails are also 3K carbon fibre and are marked with easy-to-read measurements. They are stiff and their profile gives no issues when offered up to a whole range of seatpost clamps.

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Overall, this is a great saddle. From its shape to its padding balance, through to the quality.