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Ritchey Comp Venturemax XL handlebar

The Ritchey Comp Venturemax XL is a fabulously wide, ergonomic bar that's brilliantly suited to long days, rough trails and wide luggage. At a great price and with incredibly comfortable drops, it's a winner on all fronts.

When it comes to handlebars for cycling fast on rough surfaces, wider is better. And at 615mm at the drops, the Ritchey Comp Venturemax XL is one of the widest drop bars around. 

The Comp Venturemax XL comes in the one 'XL' size of 52cm, as measured at the hoods. But never mind the width, feel the flare – that's a whopping 24 degrees of drops angle there, meaning it's very comfortable to sit in the drops, no need to bend your wrists around the tops to get a grip. 

Ritchey Comp Venturemax XL handlebar

Then there's an extra six degrees of flare out at the bottom of the drops, all adding up to that stupendous 615mm centre-to-centre width at the bar ends. There's also a 4.6-degree backward flare on the tops, to aid reaching the hoods and better-aligning with the natural angle of your wrists.

Back to the drops... At just over 10cm they're pretty shallow and therefore easy to get into or out of – important for long days in the saddle. 

A benefit of being this wide is there's a huge 46cm free inside the hoods to carry luggage, specifically drybags, tents or other wide stuff. The backwards sweep helps a bit here too, giving a smidge more room for fingers.

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If you want oodles of extreme terrain, high- and low-speed control, super-comfortable and grippy hands, loads of luggage space, and all at a sharp price, the Ritchey Comp Venturemax XL could be the answer.