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Cane Creek eeSilk+ Seat Post Aluminium

The eesilk+ seat post impressed us with its high-quality design and manufacture, lack of unwanted bobbing and 35mm of bump taming ability both on and off-road.

This latest '+' generation of the eesilk post means that you get increased travel (35mm) but still an extremely impressive 338g weight. That makes it lighter than nearly all of the competition and it's priced competitively too. 

The performance also impressed us during the review period with the suspension often barely noticeable. For example, when pedalling it didn't hinder power transfer but then on ripples and bumps it gently absorbed the little ripples and bumps both on road and gravel with buttery smooth operation. 

There are three elastomers to alter the spring rate to your personal preference and the pivots are now stainless steel, this combined with the quality engineering bodes well for reliability.