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Cadex Classics 28 Tubeless

Cadex is the high-end, in-house brand of Giant Bicycles and the Classics 28 Tubeless clinchers offers really impressive grip and speed. They’re excellent for good roads, bad roads and light gravel action, although they're not cheap.

The Classics tyres are designed for long distance, mixed-surface challenges. Reviewer Jez found that fitting this 28mm pair to well-worn Hunt 30Carbon Gravel Disc wheels was simple thanks to a bead that’s more elastic than most

They inflated pretty easily too and air retention as reasonable – at 80psi, they lose around 20psi over a fortnight.

These are grippy tyres, thanks to the combination of the RR-S AR rubber compound and a fine file-tooth texture. It's noticeable when climbing 20%+ gradients in the wet and outstanding when descending fast on loose, poor-quality tarmac. They cling to the road in a predictable, rock-solid way.

The Cadex Classics do well in ride feel, too – on long rides you'll appreciate the comfort on offer here.

The Classics benefit from the Cadex Race Shield+ which is a layer of Kevlar which offers puncture resistance. They feel suitably resilient and wear rates are very respectable too, especially for something so grippy and supple.

At £65 a pop, these aren’t cheap, but if you like to take your bike on bad roads and stay away from anything like singletrack, these are definitely worth considering.